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Our website's 19th year in business!

This business and website has officially been turned over to my daughter Shannon Bradford. She has already been making the generators and handling the shipping for 10 years. From now on it will be run entirely by her. Thank you for all your business!

Dan Cohran


Yes - we're open for business! Come on in and browse around.
Used world wide by hikers, campers, survivalists, health care professionals and many others. Our CS Generators are like having a full medicine chest available in one small kit!

Our Colloidal Silver (CS) generators are some of the most dependable, effective and most affordable on the market today! Our CS Generators use the time-proven ORIGINAL method (over 100 years) for producing the highest quality colloidal silver, which is the low-voltage electrolysis method (see article on the "Common Questions" page). Made with no-nonsense construction, our generators will give you many years of faithful dependable service. We have multiple thousands of satisfied customers!

Colloidal Silver- A powerful dietary mineral supplement!
Why make your own colloidal silver and why own your own Colloidal Silver Generator? The reasons are simple and many. The first of course being COST. You can make your own colloidal silver for pennies per gallon. A Colloidal Silver Generator is a must have; for a variety of daily uses, but also, and especially in times of natural disasters, power outages and other emergencies. It's like having a multi-purpose medicine cabinet or first aid kit in one small portable unit! If you've done your research on the multitude of uses for colloidal silver, then you know how valuable and useful it is. Furthermore, with the uncertain economic times we're living in, making your own colloidal silver can be a VERY economical way to address many health problems. All you need is a source or supply of pure steam distilled water.
On this website you can find the very dependable and low cost DC-51 Colloidal Silver Generator (battery powered) and also the AC-52 (plug-in type) Silver Generator.

If you want to buy a Colloidal Silver Generator, then go to any of the generator listings on the left of this website. Your search for a fairly priced generator is over!
If you are still researching colloidal silver benefits, see the Links & Info page. It will take you to a couple of good research articles on colloidal silver. But this site was created for one purpose, to present an ECONOMICAL yet very efficient and reliable CS Generator.
People are being financially GOUGED by companies selling Colloidal Silver Generators at an astronomical and OVER INFLATED price!  But here, you will find a great quality Colloidal Silver Generator at a great price.

This Colloidal Silver Generator is the DC-51. It's a very durable and effective Colloidal Silver Generator that has been around a long time and has proven itself over and over to be a loyal and dependable generator. Our instruction booklets that come with our generators give more details on the generator as well as how to make colloidal silver and some of its uses.
I have used a type of DC colloidal silver generator for over 30 years. About twenty years ago I went on the internet to search for another one to buy for a friend, but could not find this type of generator anywhere. What I DID find were many companies charging astronomical prices for their generators!  I thought, "Who can afford this? What if someone is on a limited budget and is trying to get back into better health?" I'm not a wealthy person myself. So I was not able to buy my friend a colloidal silver generator.
I thought, there HAS to be a better way, or a better deal out there somewhere. What can I do to help change this?  Then the answer came......
I have to make these generators myself!  And they work as good or BETTER than the original one I bought years ago. They will produce an average result of 15 to 20 PPM (parts per million) of pure colloidal silver.
These generators come with a 3 month money back guarantee (upon return of kit) and a one year limited parts warranty (repair or replacement of defective parts). Currently, we exclusively use PayPal. It is safe and secure. You can pay with a credit card through PayPal or through your own PayPal account if you have one. Once payment is received, we will mail your Colloidal Silver Generator within 1-2 business days. Any purchases made on a Friday will be mailed on the next business day. You should normally receive it in around 3 to 5 business days (for U.S. Residents), depending on the U.S. Postal Service workload. I ship all U.S. purchases PRIORITY mail with Delivery Confirmation.
For more information see the FAQs page.

The DC-51 CS Generator

Just add pure distilled water

Making silver ions!

The Beautiful end result: COLLOIDAL SILVER!

We offer an Extra Electrodes Only package(two 6" .9999 pure silver electrodes for the DC-51 and AC-52 as well as two 3 1/2" for our Ultra-Light generator) as well as easy to use TDS Test Meters to test your colloidal silver with and give you more confidence in the quality of your solution. To purchase extra electrodes only or a TDS Test Meter of your own, scroll to the bottom of any of our generator pages linked on the left.


A little about TDS test meters: Some people prefer to use a TDS (total dissolved solids) or PPM (parts per million) meter, to check or verify their final PPM solution.  These meters are especially useful to check your distilled water before you begin the process of making colloidal silver. The PPM of your distilled water should be 0 (zero) Parts Per Million (or as close as possible to zero) right out of the jug BEFORE you begin the process. Some companies today selling “distilled” water actually add chemicals or minerals back into the water after distilling it. This is NOT what you want to use. It will quickly produce a brown milky dirty looking solution which is unusable. So it’s a GOOD IDEA to check your distilled water BEFORE beginning the process of making colloidal silver.  


BELOW: A simple way to test your colloidal silver made with our generators is to look for the Tyndall Effect using a small laser light:


What is the Tyndall Effect?


IMPORTANT:  Hopefully you have done your own research on the benefits of colloidal silver before reaching our website. There are millions of people around the world who can attest to and affirm success with using it. It has been in use for well over 100 years and in some cultures longer than that. It was used by our own medical profession (in the U.S.) before the discovery of "antibiotics" and other "medical drugs" in the 1930's.  A form of silver is still used by doctors today to put into newborn babies eyes to prevent infection. Silver cream is still in use in medical "burn center" hospitals to speed the healing of severe burns.  However there are "powers" amongst us who are fighting against the use of colloidal silver and anything "natural".  These "powers that be" are paid large sums of money by those who would like to "regulate" the use of colloidal silver and other natural products, or do away with them all together because these natural products can't be "controlled" by them therefore they can't "profit" from them.  As a result of this ongoing conflict which infringes on your right to choose what you put into your body, we are required to post the below disclaimer for legal purposes.




IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any effects, good or bad, due to the use of the colloidal silver generator. No claims are made as to specific benefits resulting from the use of colloidal silver. Statements relating to any health benefits from colloidal silver have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information conveyed is based on records and research for your information only and is not meant to imply that you will experience similar beneficial results. We are NOT licensed medical practitioners and are prohibited by law from diagnosing or prescribing anything. No statement contained herein should be taken as medical advice.

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